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Over 60% of eligible clients secure more funds, often at lower rates.

Easy no-risk application

Fast and easy online application that won’t impact your credit score.

Multiple Loan Options

Save time and money by finding the best loan options from the industry’s top lenders in one place.

Fast Approval

No obligation approval to set up your business for what it needs next.

Safe & Secure

Your data is protected with the latest bank-grade encryption and SSL technologies.

Expert Advice

Our knowledgeable advisors are obsessed with growing your business.

Flexible Terms

Our terms are flexible and transparent. We are here to assist your business grow.

NYCAP Fund – A leading Funding Company

NYCAP Fund is a leader in same-day funding. We are a direct-funder, providing working NYCAP Fund to businesses all across America. At NYCAP Fund, we value your time and money. We do not require collateral, and 95% of our clients are funded within 48 hours.

We do not have restrictive protocols, and we offer all of our funding on an unsecured basis; this is how we’re able to lead the industry in funding speed and specialize in fast turnaround business financing for qualified applicants. We offer funding to businesses in any industry, provided they have been operating for at least 6 months and have a monthly cash flow of at least $15,000.


Customer Renewals

Direct-Funders,Fast & Simple

Our aim is to approve and fund all of our clients expediently and easily. We value your time and wish to make the funding process as smooth as possible.

Ideal Funding Solutions – Empowering Businesses

While there are many financial options out there, none provide the clarity, efficiency, and tailored solutions quite like NYCAP.

  1. Fast, Flexible, Financial Empowerment
    Empower Your Electrical Business Today with Quick, Tailored Funding from NYCAP Fund.
  2. NYCAP: Commitment at Core
    Dedicated to your success, we offer personalized support and guidance throughout your funding journey.
  3. NYCAP: Innovation at the Helm
    Stay ahead with our innovative funding processes designed for speed and simplicity.

Our Services

Line of Credit

Lines Of Credit

With NYCAP Fund, clients can get approved for a revolving line of business credit.

Short – Term Loans

Short-term business loans are typically repaid within two years or less time.

Long – Term Loans

Long-term business loans range from five to twenty years and are typically used.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a fantastic funding option for businesses that deal with invoicing.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is a fantastic funding option for businesses that need to invest in new equipment

SBA Loans

Small Business Administration or SBA loans are loans offered and backed by the federal government

Our Industries

Electrical contractors

Over the years, we have assisted many electrical contractors in achieving


As a plumbing professional, you may encounter various expenses that demand


At NYCAP Fund, we’re committed to supporting HVAC businesses.


NYCAP Fund is here to offer tailored working NYCAP solutions specifically

Frequently Asked Questions

NYCAP Fund simplifies business funding. We help business owners across all industries select the best financing solution to grow their business.

NYCAP Fund provides all your funding options in one place thanks to a simple application that can get your business approved within hours. A dedicated Funding Specialist is there for you every step of the way.

Applying is simple. We ask a few basic questions about you, your business, and revenue data. It takes minutes to complete and does not affect your credit score. Click here to get started.

Our application process is designed to deliver a funding decision within hours.

Once approved, the process is quick and simple. Your funds are transferred directly into your business’s bank account typically within 24 hours. We do offer same day wire.

Our minimum requirements are:

– 6+ months in business
-$15,000 monthly revenue or $180,000 annually
-500+ FICO Score

To see if your business is eligible for funding, contact one of our expert Funding Specialists at (866) 464-8204 or click here to get started.

Most funding options require 3 months of bank statements to review your business’s revenue data. You can upload statements directly to us via our secure online portal here.

How can we help

NYCAP Fund is a direct funder. We offer unsecured NYCAP up to $5,000,000, in under 48 hours.

NYCAP Fund is a direct funder. We offer unsecured capital up to $5,000,000 in under 48 hours.

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